A Trip to the Sunshine Coast

Since I moved to the West Coast a couple years ago, it has become a tradition to take advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend and travel around the region.  Trips generally include towns that have plenty of breweries and scenic options.  This year we headed up to the Sunshine Coast, to the Northwest of Vancouver in British Columbia.  The advantages of spending American Thanksgiving in Canada are that the restaurants, breweries and trailheads are open and vacant.   

The ferry ride over to the coast a quick 45 minute trip.  A few moments were spent up on the top deck between rain showers to observe the fresh snowfall on the nearby mountain ranges and watch for a stray humpback wale.  We spent the night in Gibsons, B.C. at a great little Airbnb which we would use as our home base over the next few days.  

The first hike of our trip was a short stair climb up to Soames Hill. A great view of Keats Island and Bowen Island greeted us from the top of the hill.

The risk of traveling to the Sunshine Coast in November is that the sun might not actually shine for the entirety of the trip. I thought this was going to be the fate of this trip, but on our final evening, the sun popped out for a few moments as we traveled back down the coast through Sechelt.  The result was a beautiful sunset.