Bloque33 Photoshoot

The other night, I had the pleasure of working with the fashionable florists at Bloque33.  Their goal was to create some simple product shots that highlighted not only the roses Bloque33 sells, but the luxurious boxes that the flowers are presented in.  The secondary goal was to create some shots in the style of pop art by using different colored backgrounds to compliment and contrast three different colors of roses.  For the product shots, I used a simple roll of white craft paper clipped to a backdrop stand and draped over a dining room table, a pair of studio lights with softboxes and a 50mm & 85mm lens.  These shots ended up being fairly straight forward, with only slight adjustments in flash level in order to create a touch of contrast on the rose petals.

Next we were able to get a little creative in terms of background color and lighting.  I had met with Bloque33 a little bit before hand to pick a selection of colored backdrops that represented the look and feel of the brand.  We played around a little with harsher shadows instead of a completely soft look: 

By default, I would have chosen the look of the left photo of the above shots. However, the look that Bloque33 desired was the edgy shot on the right.  For the remainder of the shoot, the softboxes were off and the reflectors on.  

Have I mentioned yet how nice this photoshoot smelled? 

We finished up with some banner shots with all three colors of roses in one shot and different variations of the shots on the different colored backdrops.  Go check out more of the images over at