A City Shoot with Angelika

The morning looked promising with no winds and  a steady stream of light grey clouds.  I packed my gear and decided the best way to get through downtown Seattle would be by bike.  Five minutes into the ride and the skies opened up and started dumping a cold steady shower of rain.  I arrived at the meeting stop with soggy socks and wet jeans.  Quick gear check - dry. All is good, but I forgot my camera rain cover! Angelika arrived and we headed towards Pioneer Square.  

We started off the shoot on the brick cobblestones of Occidental Square.  The area was a little busier and wetter than I had hoped, but the necessary addition of an umbrella ended up creating a very authentic Seattle feel.

As we worked our way back, we kept an eye out for unique textures or backgrounds.  One of my more recent goals has been to create multiple layers of depth in each shot.  With a low f-stop on the 70-200, this helps the photos feel three dimensional. 

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